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Obama campaign debunks Romney’s desperate plan to lie about Medicare (VIDEOS)


If you have to lie, you’ve already lost

Mitt Romney has launched a desperate, two-fold plan these past two weeks. Part 1: Lie, lie, lie, lie. The only way he can change the discussion about President Obama’s record is to lie and, as we’ve pointed out already (HERE and HERE), he’s perfectly willing to go down as the biggest, most blatant liar to run for president in modern times.

Part 2: Whine about how mean and low and angry and divisive President Obama is. This guy is trying to characterize “No Drama Obama” as the Angry Black Man Republicans are well known for exploiting. They will lie and call the President all sorts of things and then turn around and accuse HIM of being low and mean and divisive. The fact is, and this has to be clear to anyone paying attention, the Romney campaign is built around a core of creating an “Us vs. Them”, “They are just jealous of you” divisive messaging.

They even sent out an email today titled “Obama is shaken”.

Clearly, Obama is shaken by Mitt’s selection, and a campaign that was once based on “hope and change” is now one of frustration and divisiveness. In contrast, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will give voters an honest debate

Right. Honest debate. Please.

The recent lies and scare-mongering on Medicare bring all of this into sharp focus. Romney dumbed down his dumb message even more by drawing out his lies on a white board, a la Glenn Beck. The Obama campaign responded today with another awesome video from Stephanie Cutter, the Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama for America.


“First, Mitt Romney wants you to believe that the President cuts Medicare benefits. That’s not true. The President’s plan doesn’t cut them by one dime.”

“Not one of Romney’s claims on his white board is actually true…”

Perfect. As usual.

In addition, they released this powerful television ad titled “Facts” that will run in New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado & Nevada.

These guys are good.

Shaken? Hardly.