Pete Hoekstra — August 28, 2012 at 9:06 am

New Progress Michigan ad slams Pete Hoekstra for abandoning Michigan citizens for his own self-interest #GetRealPete


Get real, Pete Hoekstra

Progress Michigan has a new television ad out this morning that hammers Republican candidate for Senator Pete Hoekstra for his efforts to end Medicare and privatize Social Security while benefiting financially for being a corporate lobbyist.

It’s a great ad:

You remember Politician Pete Hoekstra. In Congress, Politician Pete sided with the special interests to privatize Social Security. Now, Pete Hoekstra works for Washington lobbyists, getting rich standing up for special interests. Hoekstra supports a plan to “essentially end Medicare,” costing seniors $6,400 more each year, but giving insurance companies big profits. Now he wants to be Senator Pete Hoekstra. Tell Politician Pete Hoekstra we need a senator who fights for us – not the special interests.

They have a petition page up, as well. The petition asks Hoekstra to “Get Real” and start representing the people of Michigan, not padding his own pocket:

Finally, if you’re tweeting this post, the video or the petition, be sure to use the hashtag #GetRealPete.

UPDATE: Progress Michigan Executive Director Zack Pohl released the following statement regarding their new television ad:

Washington Politician Pete Hoekstra is clearly out of touch with Michigan families. In Congress, Hoekstra sided with the special interests to privatize Social Security. Now he works for Washington lobbyists, and supports a radical budget scheme that would end Medicare as we know it and cost seniors $6,400 more each year. We are committed to holding politicians like Pete Hoekstra accountable and standing up for Michigan’s middle class.