Uncategorized — August 8, 2012 at 5:51 pm

Mental health break: Ospreys kicking arse and catching fish


Look out, fish! He’s comin’ right for ya!

Big tip of the Eclectahat to my good friend Carol S. who sent me this video of ospreys fishing. Ospreys are fishing raptors and what they are capable is astonishing.

I once watched an osprey drop into Lake Superior about 30 feet from me and snag a huge lake trout under water. It then emerged from the water, took flight and then paused about ten feet above the lake to shake off the lake water like a dog. You’ll see it in this clip while the osprey is in flight but the one I saw literally paused in mid-air and shook itself dry before flying off majestic and full of awesome.


By the way, female ospreys are larger than the males.