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Retired Kalamazoo cop goes to Canada, embarrasses our entire country


Please. Stop. You make the rest of us look like the idiot you are.

I’m getting pretty used to Michigan being the laughing stock of the country. Between tea party whacko and Troy mayor Janice Daniels and some of the most absurd tea party Republican legislators you will find in the USA, we really have a big lead in the “Who has the biggest idiots” race.

But Walt Wawra of Kalamazoo has taken it to “11”.

I recently visited Calgary from Michigan. As a police officer for 20 years, it feels strange not to carry my off-duty hand-gun. Many would say I have no need to carry one in Canada.

Yet the police cannot protect everyone all the time. A man should be al-lowed to protect himself if the need arises. The need arose in a theatre in Aurora, Colo., as well as a college campus in Canada.

Recently, while out for a walk in Nose Hill Park, in broad daylight on a paved trail, two young men approached my wife and me. The men stepped in front of us, then said in a very aggressive tone: “Been to the Stampede yet?”

We ignored them. The two moved closer, repeating: “Hey, you been to the Stampede yet?”

I quickly moved between these two and my wife, replying, “Gentle-men, I have no need to talk with you, goodbye.” They looked bewildered, and we then walked past them.

I speculate they did not have good intentions when they approached in such an aggressive, disrespectful and menacing manner. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ they did not pull a weapon of some sort, but rather concluded it was in their best interest to leave us alone.

Would we not expect a uniformed officer to pull his or her weapon to intercede in a life-or-death encounter to protect self, or another? Why then should the expectation be lower for a citizen of Canada or a visitor? Wait, I know – it’s because in Canada, only the criminals and the police carry handguns.

That was a letter to the editor that Wawra sent to the Calgary Herald newspaper.

The boys, as it turns out, were promoters handing out free tickets to the Calgary Stampede.

This guy is such a paranoid freak that he probably would have shot these boys if he had been carrying a sidearm. It’s a damn good thing he didn’t.

Not surprisingly, he has become the butt of jokes far and wide and even spawned a Twitter hashtag #NoseHillGentlemen.

And probably the most poignant:

Thanks, Walt. Now we have to clean YOUR foreign-made mess, too, just like we had to for Mitt Romney.

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