Lies, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan — August 15, 2012 at 7:29 pm

Chuck Todd calls out a Romney surrogate liar on his lie


You’re a freaking LIAR, Governor!

This is what journalism looks like. MSNBC reporter Chuck Todd calls out Iowa Governor and Lying Romney Surrogate Terry E. Branstad on his lying about the ridiculous claim that President Obama has removed the work requirement for welfare recipients.

Watch it and point, mock and laugh:

“Where did you get YOUR information?”


Here’s the transcript:

BRANSTAD: Now the Obama Administrations is trying to undo the work requirement. We think we need instead of putting more people on —

TODD: Governor Branstad, they haven’t done that. They haven’t done that. They haven’t undone the work requirements. I’m trying to understand – you went after the work requirements. I’m trying to go back – you leveled a charge about the welfare work requirement, it turns out that’s not true. Where did you get your information?

BRANSTAD: It absolutely is.I was one of the governors that helped get it and when we passed it, it was designed not to be waived and now the President of the United States has by executive order in July weakened that, which was very effective.

TODD: The waiver was for state governors. The waivers were for you!

BRANSTAD: Governor Tommy Thompson was a leader of this in Wisconsin, he just won the primary yesterday. This president never supported work for welfare and now he’s trying to weaken it.

TODD: Again, it was a waiver for governors, he’s not doing anything. If governors weaken it to a certain point, the federal government yanks the waiver.

BRANSTAD: Here’s my concern, you’ve got some liberals that are going to try to use that, but what we think is that the effective welfare reform that we passed on a bipartisan basis, with governors like John Engler and Tommy Thompson has worked effectively. Liberals have always hated it, Obama is playing to his liberal base. We think that’s wrong, we think it’s one of the most effective things that’s been done in the last two decades. And we need to do similar things with the food –

TODD: What I don’t understand is nothing about this issue, every charge that has been leveled about this welfare reform order that the President signed, that every accusation that has been leveled by some Republicans have been proven to be not true.

BRANSTAD: Well the fact of the matter is the president did it. He didn’t have to take this action to weaken the strong work requirement that was passed back –

TODD: It doesn’t weaken it, it gives the states —

BRANSTAD: He did it because he’s never supported the work requirement and the fact of the matter is-

TODD: The work requirement is still there, Governor!

I’ll give Republican liars credit: nothing will convince them that they are busted. They will keep on with lies through the bitter end. What’s hilarious is how they don’t realize how infantile it makes them look.