Bwahahahahaha, Emergency Manager Law, Michigan Republicans — August 7, 2012 at 6:21 pm

A simple flowchart to understand why Zombie Emergency Manager Law PA 72 is dead


“He’s dead, Jim…”

Earlier today, I wrote about how Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is trying to resurrect the Zombie Emergency Financial Manager Law, PA 72. I showed how he’s using circuitous logic to arrive at that conclusion. But, it’s pretzel logic at it finest.

He says first that MCL 8.4, which prevents the resurrection of a dead law, doesn’t apply because PA 4 is only suspended, not repealed. Therefore, it’s still on the books and MCL 8.4 doesn’t prevent them from resurrecting PA 72.

Then he says that, because PA 4 is gone, its repeal of PA 72 doesn’t exist so it is able to rise from the dead to walk the earth among the living.

I put together this easy-to-follow flowchart to help out AG Schuette who seems to lack the ability to grasp simple, common sense concepts. It’s so basic that even Mr. Schuette should be able to wrap his simple mind around it:

There. See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?