Women Take Over the Capitol to Rally and Lobby Legislators TODAY (7/18/2012)


Help stop the GOP War on Women

Via Progress Michigan:

Women Take Over the Capitol to Rally and Lobby Legislators on Wednesday
Michigan women to bring their individual policy concerns to legislators and address harmful policies that directly impact women and their families
Who: Individual women from around Michigan gathering in Lansing to learn about current legislative proposals and engage with their legislators on a variety of policy issues that impact their own lives

Rally Speakers: Danielle Atkinson with Mothering Justice, Emily Dievendorf with Equality Now, Meghan Groen with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan, State Representative Ellen Cogen Lipton, Millie Hall with Coalition of Labor Union Women, Andrea Hunter with United Steelworkers, Renee Chelian with Northland Family Planning, Vee Heymach with Moms Clean Air Force, Katie Oppenheim with Michigan Nurses Association, Afrykayn Moon with Breastfeeding Mothers Unite

When: Rally: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 11 a.m.- Noon
Lobbying: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 throughout day

Where: The Capitol Building Lawn, Downtown Lansing

What: Hundreds of women will meet at the Capitol to share their vision for a better Michigan for women and make their voices heard with Michigan legislators.

Why: Michigan women are growing increasingly concerned about policies impacting education, the economy, reproductive justice, the environment, violence against women and girls, and healthcare. There are currently only 4 women in the Michigan Senate, and 27 female representatives in the Michigan House – yet in this legislative session alone, over 140 bills have been introduced that directly affect women’s rights in Michigan. Thirty-six bills make it more difficult to access reproductive health care services and if signed into law, HB 5711 would virtually eliminate access to abortion services even in cases of rape, incest, or when the health of the woman is affected. Eight bills would promote pay equity if passed – but many have been derailed. For instance, in April, the House quickly passed a resolution to declare Save the Frogs Day but sent to committee a resolution to declare Pay Equity Day. HB 4770 banned domestic partners benefits in all public employment, leaving many women and their children without health care benefits. And cash assistance recipients, mostly single women with children, were cut off after 48 months, affecting more than 12,000 families and 46,000 children. Women believe the Michigan Legislature has the wrong priorities and their actions have and will continue to hurt millions of Michigan women and their families during these tough economic times. These women are raising their voices to express their concerns.

Event Organizers: Michigan Women’s Power Assembly (MWPA). MWPA is an all-volunteer cross-interest collaboration and collective action effort organized by diverse women from around Michigan. MWPA does not advocate a specific policy agenda but we do adhere to progressive values. We serves as a hub of information and communication for individual women who are interested in engaging on a variety of policy issues that impact their own lives.

More details at the event Facebook Page HERE.

I won’t be there but Anne will be, photographing. She’ll also have her new GOP War On Women (WOW) stickers available for sale (see the graphic at the top of the page.) If you can attend, please do. It’s a big event and we need all hands on deck.