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Special Obama photomosaic poster offer – A gift for you and a birthday gift for President Obama



In 2008, Anne and I worked tirelessly to get Senator Barack Obama elected. After the election, Anne wanted to do more. Realizing that she had literally thousands of photos of people who had attended Obama rallies, she put together a photomosaic of then President-elect Barack Obama. Titled “Out of Many, We Are One”, it is composed of thousands of faces of people she photographed that summer and fall. She posted it on Flickr and, much to her surprise, it was spotted by an editor at Time magazine. In December of 2008, it ran as a full two-page spread in their Person of the Year issue.

Here’s Anne’s artist statement about the image:

Everytime I photographed a Barack Obama rally the size and diversity of the crowds moved and amazed me. I spoke to so many people who all spoke of unity and inclusion. Barack Obama said at his acceptance speech, “This election has never been about me. It’s been about you.” His message has inspired so many to be involved and to dare to hope.

These are their faces. This is their voice.

The image was made into a poster and she sold thousands of them. Since then, it has appeared in numerous publications internationally and was even used as the cover of a book. President Obama has seen the poster and Anne has copies of the poster and the Time magazine that were signed by him. When she talked to him about it at a recent fundraiser, he was clearly impressed.

In celebration of President Obama’s upcoming birthday on August 4th, we are running a special offer for our readers in hopes that you might give President Obama a birthday gift to help his campaign. Between now and August 4th, you can purchase four posters for $20. This is one-quarter of the original selling price. Click HERE to order the posters.

Here’s what we’re hoping: you’ll purchase the posters, keep one for yourself, and then use the others to help raise funds for the Obama for America campaign. Unlike 2008, this year the President Obama is being outspent by his opponent. It is, in fact, the first time an incumbent presidential candidate has been outspent in this way.

The influx of money coming from outside groups, wealthy individuals and Super PACs is unprecedented. The only way we can prevail against the massive influence of money is the ground game; the grassroots organizing, phone banking and canvassing that helped him win in 2008.

This effort is the perfect embodiment of the idea of “Out of Many We Are One”: it is through the efforts of his many, many supporters working together to elect one man that President Obama will win. The alternative, “President Romney”, is something that none of us wants to contemplate so we must work together, unified in our efforts, to ensure the reelection of President Obama.

Maybe you’ll sell the extra posters and donate the money to Obama for America or to your local Obama campaign office. Maybe you’ll raffle them off to raise funds. In fact, share your creative ideas for using these posters to give President Obama a gift with us and we’ll highlight them here at Eclectablog.

We have too much at stake to let the Republicans get control of our country again. We saw what happened the last time they were in charge and we all know they will work hard to benefit the wealthy top 1%. They will roll back women’s rights and access to safe, affordable reproductive health services. They’ll repeal the Affordable Care Act which is already saving lives. They will demolish our regulatory system that protects our food, our environment, our health & safety, and our financial systems. They will rig the system so that Big Business will benefit by outsourcing of jobs and lower wages. They will destroy our unions and harm our public service employees (teachers, cops, firefighters, etc.)

In short, they will reverse the progress we’ve made and take our country back to a time best left in the past.

So, give yourself a gift and pay it forward by giving President Obama a birthday gift to ensure he is reelected and can continue to move us in the right direction:


You can place your order HERE.

To see the poster up close click HERE.