Obama for America — July 14, 2012 at 10:12 am

Sickening: Obama staffer dies tragically in Chicago OFA office, right wingers dance on his grave (Updated)


These people are sick and depraved

29-year old Alex Okrent collapsed in a Chicago OFA office yesterday and died. Yahoo has the story HERE.

What is taking place in the comments section of that story is enough to make you vomit. Some people are even insinuating that he was killed by the Obama campaign.

I’ll warn you that some of these comment are beyond the pale and extremely offensive.

“One less vote for Ohhbummer…oh…sorry…he probably voted absentee already”

“2 down… all the rest to go”

“maybe he knew too much about fast and furious. kind of reminds me of vince foster”

“Guess the poor guy was about to become a whistle blower.”

“I guess that OBAMA CARE aint so good for us huh…… Poor kid probably had to deal with a lot backing a loser… Maybe he is the guy writting out those stimulous checks and didnt get his…”

“Another runny nosed liberal bites the dust!”

“He knew too much. Clintons did the same thing and called it suicides.”

“Too bad, he just finished reading the details about Obummercare”

“wow he killed another one now thats outsourcing !!!!!”

“When you sell your soul to the liberal devil, you never know when he’ll call in your contract.”

“He killed himself out of remorse for helping put Obuttface in office.”

“Obama will do anything to get reelected, killing his on staff member for the sympathy vote.”

“He died from the shame of working for an outfit which BeClowns the presidency – more to follow I am sure.
OweBama – $4.2 Billion In New Debt Every Day!”

“Drank too much liberal kool-aide!”

“Boy, that 0bama is killing off supporters left & right. Mostly left.”

“to bad it wasn’t Ovomit”

“time to go to the synogogue of satan and pick another one”

“Too bad it was not OBBUUMMER”

“If you are white and work for the reelection of the Anti-Christ Obama do you lose your soul?
I think you probably do. This loser who died probably did. Time to start calling Obama Damion 666.”

“So is LIberalism a “deadly” disease now? Lol. ….How many dead staffers does it take to win an election? …..Obamacare missed the mark on this guy…….Obama: “Oh please don’t be the guy that runs the teleprompter!” lol”

“That happens alot with Dictators and Communist Leaders, people in their service end up dead.”

“Good, one more out of the way.”

“I guess he died when he caught a peek at Odumbo’s REAL birth certificate”

“Does this mean he can only vote 3 times instead of the usual 4 times? Exactly what are the progressive’s voting rules?”

“oblamer liar easy catch fire and die !”

“Wish it was Obama”

“Dont worry libbys he still gets to vote”

“Obviously the Obama campaign is a CULT…and this was the only way he could get out….”

“Another Socialist dies”

“The Adversary calling home one of his minions. I really wish he’d call back the Obama’s”

“one less commie pike, should have been potatohead.”

“I hope it catches on with the rest of the Democrat party”


“Damn, I read the headline and thought it said Obama collapsed and died. That would have been the greatest Fri. 13th ever. Oh well, wishful thinking.”

“Obama had a hit on him too…Like Andrew Breitbart…Sheriff Joe Opaio will have the next accident…Seems to be a growing trend with Obama dissidents….I wonder if he will rack up as many points as Bush 1 & 2 on body counts…? Remember Debra DC Madam.Palfre? Barry Jennings… hmmmm….just sayin'”

“I feel for his family. But the karma around Obama is a dark and dangerous place. Obama taints all in his presence eventually. This is perhaps an omen to Obama worshippers. Good and evil are at war in this world. The choice is yours.”

“bet he was a drug addict, like the boss”

“S**T!!! they missed!!!”

It’s times like this that I weep for our country…

UPDATE: Yahoo News has, appropriately, removed all comments from the post.

[CC photo credit: BJ Bumgarner | Flickr]