Pete Hoekstra releases new ad highlighting his failed fight to kill the Affordable Care Act


Oh, yeah, that’s gonna work, Pete

Last February, I asked the question “Is media group that produced Pete Hoekstra’s racist ad full of Democrats?”

I’m asking this question again because Hoekstra’s latest ad basically highlights his failure to stop the Affordable Care Act that he claims “takes your freedoms away”. With last week’s Supreme Court ruling, all this ad does is show how bloody ineffective he is.

Pete Hoekstra didn’t just take steps to fight Obamacare
He took the fight to the steps of the Capitol
Pete Hoekstra: fighting Washington for Michigan
And losing

Okay, I admit that I made up that last sentence. But that IS what happened. His ad team is real asset to the Stabenow campaign.

I love this particular part of the video:


I guess that means:

  • No more fire departments
  • No more police departments
  • No more sheriff departments
  • No more social security
  • No more libraries
  • No more publicly-maintained roads and bridges, including lighting
  • No more armed services
  • No more emergency response to disasters
  • No more local, state, and national parks
  • No more public art
  • No more U.S. Postal Service
  • No more public colleges and universities
  • No more municipal garbage service
  • No more snow removal
  • No more water and sewage treatment
  • No more public museums
  • No more jails and prisons
  • No more veterans hospitals, healthcare or other benefits
  • No more courts

These are the things that they we do collectively to help each other out as a society.

By goddess, I do believe Pete Hoekstra is an anarchist!

And a failed one at that.

You can contribute to Debbie Stabenow’s campaign HERE.