Pete Hoekstra — July 5, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Michigan GOP Senate primary gets fun. Glenn accuses Hoekstra of hiring felon to collect signatures.


Bring the popcorn!

While Pete Hoekstra’s Senate campaign staggers around from self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the feet, his primary contenders aren’t holding back on him, either.

One of them, Gary Glenn, tea partier extraordinaire, is accusing Hoekstra of having hired a convicted felon to collect signatures to put him on the ballot.

U.S. Senate candidate Gary Glenn, who boasts collecting all his petition signatures by a tea party-backed volunteer army, is calling out GOP rival Pete Hoekstra for paying a convicted felon to help him get on the Aug. 7 primary ballot.

Hoekstra, the former congressman from Holland, previously told The News he didn’t pay anyone to gather the more than 15,000 signatures of registered voters needed to qualify for the ballot.

“We didn’t pay anybody to collect signatures,” Hoekstra said this spring after turning in 22,000 signatures. “That was a purely volunteer effort.” {…}

Hoekstra’s petitions show Keith Moore of Grand Rapids was a circulator in his petition gathering…Records show Moore, 43, has a criminal record of home invasion, aggravated assault and most recently a conviction of attempted uttering and publishing in 2006 out of Kent County. {…}

Glenn questioned Hoekstra’s honesty.

“If a professional petition circulator reportedly convicted of forgery and fraud was paid to gather signatures for Congressman Hoekstra, did Pete fail to truthfully respond to reporters who asked if his campaign had hired paid petition circulators?” Glenn asked.

Hoekstra says they did hire a firm to collect signatures, after all, but they didn’t hire Moore directly. Nonetheless, it appears that, in addition to Tea Party Pete and Twitter Pete, we can now add a new label: Big Fat Liar Pete.

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