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Day Five: Third Quarter Fundraiser — We Need Your Support


Why does the 2012 election matter so much that I even find myself dreaming about the upcoming debates? I have a firm belief that we’re all in this together. By “we,” I mean all who choose to participate in this great American experiment.

Every day I wonder: Will we lose incredible progress we’ve made in the last three years? Will we again become a nation where you can go broke if you go sick, where you can be shamed out of public service if you’re gay, where women’s health is a political football, where Wall Street can threaten millions of jobs in pursuit of a few extra bucks, where we can be misled by fear to seek out wars that do not need to be fought?

For this nation to function and prosper, we need to be informed and inspired to be better people. That is why I support and contribute to Eclectablog. That’s why I’m asking you to do the same.

You can make your donation using the Paypal link below. It’s fast, easy and secure. You can change the amount you’d like to contribute to whatever you’d like it to be:


If you’d rather send us a check, click HERE to send us a note and we’ll send you our mailing address.

Any contribution you can make helps. And if you can’t contribute now, simply sharing the work we do is a huge help.

Sorry to break character and be so serious. But the kind of America we are matters to me and that’s why I know that Eclectablog matters.

[CC image by VinothChandar]