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Day 2 – Third quarter fundraiser


Baby needs a new web server

So, yesterday, LOLGOP broke the internet. More accurately, he generated so much traffic at Eclectablog with his spectacular piece “Your Affordable Care Act Rebate Can Save Lives” that he overloaded the servers at our web hosting company and they shut us down for several hours. So, we need to upgrade and it’s going to cost about $600 per year to do that.

That’s the kind of thing we’re asking you for donations for: to keep Eclectablog humming along flawlessly, even when one of our posts hits the front page of Reddit and is getting nearly 500 hits per minute (I’m not kidding.)

You can make a donation using this oh-so-easy-to-use Paypal link (you can change the default $25 donation amount to whatever you’d like it to be):


If you’d rather send us a check, click HERE and let me know and I’ll give you my address.

Here’s a glimpse at our 2012 traffic numbers (from Google Analytics) just to give you a sense of how much we’ve grown. The first number is unique visits and the second one is page views:

January 2012: 38,132/55,583
February 2012: 43,211/73,651
March 2012: 109,677/142,295
April 2012: 199,377/286,937
May 2012: 264,061/350,815
June 2012: 178,418/253,411

We’re only half-way through July and we’re already at 267,707 unique visitors, surpassing our highest month so far.

But, for now, traffic doesn’t equal compensation. That’s why we come to you, tip cup in hand, asking for a small donation. Please give if you can and help us upgrade our service to you.

Thanks so much,
Chris, Anne, & LOLGOP