Mitt Romney — July 18, 2012 at 8:27 am

Blaming Bush


A majority of Americans still blame George W. Bush for what George W. Bush did

Did you hear that George W. Bush’s institute just put out a book about the economy? That’s the kind of news that turns everyone into LOLGOP.

I said, “Dick Cheney’s book about hunting tips is to follow.” The great Rob Delaney offered:

68% of Americans still blame George W. Bush for the economic troubles we face. For many reasons, this is a correct view.

It also presents a unique challenge for Republicans. Whenever they point out the economy is in trouble, this activates the memory of Bush. It reminds Americans of the insanity and ineptitude of Bush’s Administration. And it forces you to ask, “How would Mitt Romney be any different?”

The answer is, as Bill Clinton said, Romney is “Bush on Steroids.”

So whenever you hear the platitude that Romney wants this election to be about the economy, everything else is a distraction, remember what Mitt is actually distracting us from.

[CC image by DonkeyHotey, check his stuff out!]