100 Days until we reelect Barack Obama — What will YOU do with them?


Success doesn’t happen by accident

I’m getting ready to head to Detroit to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) national conference at the Cobo Center where Anne and I will get to meet Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden this afternoon. It’s a significant day because we are now officially 100 days away from the general election where America will repudiate the Republican party and its ties to wealth & corporate power and give our vote to the team that works for average Americans — Biden & Obama.

What will YOU do with the 100 days you have left?

Here’s a new video by the Obama campaign, showing the last 100 days before the election through the eyes of an OFA volunteer. As someone who worked his tail off in 2008 phonebanking, canvassing, training, organizing and entering data, I can tell you that this video does a remarkable job of capturing the energy of the grassroots-level work that is needed in every single neighborhood and community to ensure that Barack Obama is reelected in 2012 and that we fill every possible seat with people who will help him achieve his goal of making America a place where EVERYBODY has a fair shot, not just the wealthy 1%. (Or, Mitt Romney’s case, the wealthy 0.1%.)

I know it’s hard to feel energized sometimes when so much negative crap is being thrown against you and when we’ve had to work so hard just to keep the modest progress we’ve already made. But, without a doubt, this election is as important as the 2008 election was. It will show our country and the world that we are committed to making sure the reins of power aren’t handed over to the wealthy elite that already control so much of our lives.

We need to get Democrats to the polls in November in wildly large numbers.

  • To elect Democrats to Congress.
  • To elect Democrats to the Senate.
  • To elect Democrats to the state legislature.
  • To elect Democrats at the local level.
  • To pass progressive ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments.
  • To move our country forward.

100 days. 100 days to make a difference. 100 days to restore hope and make real change.

100 days.

What will YOU do with them?

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