Bwahahahahaha, Meta — June 13, 2012 at 6:27 am

New Disqus commenting system on Eclectablog – what do YOU think?


How ya like me so far?

About a month ago, I became a beta tester of sorts for the the new Disqus commenting system. It’s a fairly substantial upgrade from the previous version and, so far, I think it’s working out well. Here is a video about the newest upgrade that shows you the new features:

Disqus 2012 – The Web’s Favorite Discussion Platform from Disqus on Vimeo.

I’m curious what you think about it (as is the Disqus team) so, if you have any feedback to give, do so in the … ahem … Disqus comments below : )

By the way, today the new system is rolling out everywhere so you’ll be seeing the new look at every site that uses Disqus. Here at Eclectablog, you saw it first.