Netroots for the Troops — June 13, 2012 at 7:10 am

Netroots for the Troops 2012 recap – blood was spilled (PHOTOS)


It’s what we do

The Netroots for the Troops 2012 went off almost entirely without a hitch. Although, due to a lack of donations this year, we were only able to pack 150 boxes, half of what we’ve done previously, it was still a wonderful thing to behold.

[Photos by Anne C. Savage (with watermark) and angelajean (without watermark)]

Here we are, staging the boxes and their contents:

This year, we did only one line down the table and slowed things down to make it less frenetic and more enjoyable. Also, because the boxes were just so danged full this year, we had a major bottleneck at the taping area as nearly everyone had to repack their box more efficiently. Tetris master Horace Boothroyd III was a major asset in that regard.

Here’s video of the whole thing going down:

We had help this year. From Senator Sherrod Brown:

From Tarryl Clark, candidate for Congress in Minnesota:

From the volunteers from Walgreens:

From volunteers from the U.S. Postal Service:

From this little cutie:

There was, as I have mentioned, a casualty. While taping boxes, Bill in Portland Maine sustained a wicked cut on his finger.

Later on, I interviewed Bill about what had happened.

“There I was, lying in a pool of my own blood. Medic!, I called as the tracer bullets whizzed overhead…”

At this point, Bill was overcome by his agony and unable to continue.

At any rate, thanks to all of you who contributed with your money, your time and your support in Providence and throughout the year. If you packed a box and were in the final photo, please go to the NFTT Facebook page and tag yourself by clicking the image below.

One last photo. This is Terri (CABerkeleyWV), Lynn (Velovixen), me, and Tony (Superman/TexDem).

More photos from angelajean HERE.