UPDATED: The Roy Schmidt saga continues – collusion and fraud in the Michigan Republican Party


Oh, how subtle…

Following up on a story I wrote about yesterday (“‘Democrat’ Roy Schmidt pulls ultimate dick move, jumps to GOP too late for another Dem to run”), we now learn there is much more to this story and House Speaker Jase Bolger is implicated.

The Michigan Democratic Party now says that Speaker Bolger and Rep. Roy Schmidt had been discussing the last-minute (literally less than ten minutes) party switch for “weeks”. And that one of his staff notarized Schmidt’s filing paperwork. And that the same person turned in Schmidt’s paperwork and the paperwork of the fake Democrat, Matt Mojzak, in the few minutes prior to the filing deadline. (Photos of this budding politician who has now withdrawn his candidacy HERE and HERE. Click through. They are hilarious.)

Here’s the MDP’s press release:

What does House Speaker Jase Bolger know about putting a fake Democratic candidate on the ballot in House District 76? From press reports, it is far more than he’s admitting.

We know from various reports, including a Roy Schmidt television interview with WZZM on May 16th, that Bolger and Schmidt spoke for weeks, if not months, about Schmidt’s party switch. We also know that a member of Bolger’s staff, Michelle McQuiston, notarized Schmidt’s Republican candidate affidavit.

Further, Bolger has admitted that he arranged to have Schmidt’s affidavit filed just minutes before the filing deadline on Tuesday. We also know from press reports, including WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, that the same person who turned in Schmidt’s affidavit also turned in Matt Mojzak’s perjured affidavit. Mojzak is the fake Democratic candidate who has since withdrawn from the race.

“Jase Bolger needs to come clean immediately,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “What was his role in this plot? What did he know and when did he know about getting this fake Democratic candidate who committed perjury on the ballot? Who’s the person who notarized Mojzak’s perjured affidavit? Who is the person who delivered both Schmidt’s and Mojzak’s affidavit? Who recruited Mr. Mojzak to run? What was he promised? It’s obvious the Speaker knows much more than he’s saying. It’s time for him to start confessing his role.”

No media outlet has been able to talk to Matt Mojzak yet, but WXMI Fox 17 in Grand Rapids spoke with Matt’s dad, Dan Mojzak, last night who told the news station that his son still lives in the 88th District and that he believes his son was used as a “pawn” in the scheme.

“Was Speaker Bolger the mastermind manipulating the pawns in this conspiracy?” Brewer asked. “The voters deserve to have these and many more questions answered by Bolger.”

The sad part about all of this is that Matt Mojzak probably was a pawn; a pawn of powerful Republican men who don’t give a damn that an innocent kid may likely face jail time simply to consolidate their power to an even greater extent.

My understanding is that there is the possibility of a write-in candidate so that there will be a legitimate Democrat on the ballot in November. The Kent County Democrats have their work cut out for them.

UPDATE: Sure enough, the Michigan State Police are investigating Mojzak. Not Schmidt. Not Bolger. None of the real operatives. Just the duped kid that they conned into filing a phony affidavit. I wonder what brand of scotch they are drinking while they guffaw at this scam they have pulled off and if the cigars are Cuban…?