Meta — May 6, 2012 at 10:52 pm

My obligatory “Hey, I got my picture taken with Rachel Maddow” post


The next best thing to being on The Rachel Maddow Show is this…

I mean, why wouldn’tchya…?

[Photo by Anne C. Savage, used with permission.]

This was taken at the Detroit NAACP’s 100-year anniversary Annual Dinner at Cobo Hall. I’ll have a post up about this amazing event tomorrow. You can read my post about this amazing event HERE.

It was a glancing blow but she did apologize (again) for calling me “Electablog” on the air last year ; )

The first time we posed, Anne’s camera locked up. She spent two hours yesterday photographing the POTUS & FLOTUS without a hitch then when she went to take my picture with Rachel … NOTHING! Her camera was star-struck!

Rachel said, “Well, these guys aren’t gonna let me stay here so walk with us.”

Anne had to remove & replace her flash, remove & replace the batteries, reboot the camera twice and remove & replace the lens as we trucked along the longest hallway ever and THEN it worked. So we stopped her again and got the photo.