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I do believe that George W. Bush & the GOP just got Barack-blocked


And his dad got to watch

It’s a rather striking coincidence that Barack Obama ordered Osama bin Laden killed almost exactly 8 years to the day that George W. Bush strapped on a codpiece and landed on an aircraft carrier looking like the soldier he never was, the warrior he always wanted to be but was too busy getting wasted to be arsed to work for.

For all his pomp and circumstance, we all know what most thinking people knew then: that war wasn’t over, not by a long shot.

But now, on the one year anniversary of bin Laden’s death and the gutsy decision made by President Obama to go after him, something George W. Bush was never able to do, conservatives are falling all over themselves make it look like President Obama is rubbing it in in an unseemly way.

Here’s John Bolton, one of the more odious of the neoconservatives that helped George W. Bush drive our country off a foreign policy cliff:

I think what offends people is that instead of recognizing it as a national triumph and having everybody share in it, that the Obama administration has tried to make it look like the president did everything, including fast-roping out of the helicopter and pulling the trigger.

This is projection of the highest order, of course. It was President Bush that nearly fast-roped out of the fighter jet on aircraft carrier nine years ago yesterday in front of a banner claiming “Mission Accomplished” when the mission was just getting started.

Yesterday, Mitt Romney accused President Obama of politicizing the event and then, I kid you not, went on to eat pizza with Rudy (“911-911-911”) Giuliani at a New York firehouse that lost 11 first-responder firefighters on 9/11. Hypocrisy much, Mitt? Is your Irony Meter broken?

The fact is, as LOLGOP pointed out yesterday, the GOP doesn’t have a valid argument to make and are simply chasing their tail trying to figure out a way to smear the president.

Unfortunately for them, they just got Barack-blocked.

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