Mitt Romney — May 5, 2012 at 10:02 am

5 reasons we can never let Mitt Romney become President of the United States


Just For Men isn’t just Mitt’s favorite hair product, it’s his campaign slogan

I have only one prediction about the rest of 2012: It will be confusing.

827,000 private sector jobs have already been created since January 1, 2012. And apparently, we’re supposed to believe this is bad—compared to the 600,000+ were we losing a month when the President took office. Mitt Romney says he’d be creating 500,000 jobs a month. And the only President to ever do that for more than one month was Mitt Romney’s new hero — Jimmy Carter.

But there is some seriously bad news we have to deal with or we’ll be hoping the Mayans were right: voter registration is down among Hispanics and blacks, core parts of any winning Democratic coalition.

So first and foremost, register those groups to vote. THEN tell a friend to do the same and pass it on.

Republicans know they only win if you don’t vote, so they’re making it harder to vote than it is to buy a gun. Online registration is our best way around this.

So why does this election matter? I’ll boil it down to some essentials.

1. As President, Mitt Romney will pick at least two Supreme Court Justices.
The Ginny Thomas Court has already thrown out campaign finance sanity and seems about to crush America’s best hope for universal health care. In the next few years, this same court will likely decide on abortion rights, gay marriage, endless digital privacy issues and more. Romney will appoint Justices as bad or worse than Bush’s choices — Roberts and Alito? Why? Because he’ll have to.

2. Mitt Romney will have to be more extreme than George W. Bush to avoid a primary challenge in 2016.
This week Mitt Romney’s campaign accepted the resignation openly gay spokesman, claiming the pressure from the religious right hounded him out. The self-described “yokel” behind that pressure, Bryan J. Fischer, then derided Mitt for buckling. “How will he stand up to North Korea?” The fact is Mitt will stand up to foreign nations in an overly aggressive way because he can’t stand up to his own base. George W. Bush never had to prove his conservative bona fides. Mitt will have to every day he’s in office. That’s why he’ll defund Planned Parenthood and roll back progress for gays and lesbians before the Bryan J. Fischers can even snap their fingers.

3. Women will pay more for less health care, seniors will pay more for prescription medication and at least 45,000 Americans will die every year for lack of insurance.
Romney’s key pledge is to repeal ObamaCare. Bam. 30,000,000 Americans who won’t get health care, thousands of kids off their parents’ policies and kids once again denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Then under the Ryan budget, millions more will lose their Medicaid and everyone on Medicare who is under 55 will pay more for their insurance. The Godfather of Obamacare has to overcompensate to prove he’s an actual Republican and the result will be agony and death for the most vulnerable Americans.

4. More tax breaks for the rich, less oversight for Wall Street, more massive debt.
The Ryan/Romney budget increases the debt while slashing the social safety net. The question will be what do we do when we still have a huge debt, no services left to cut and Republicans who have vowed on a stack of dollar bills to never increase taxes on anyone ever. What happens then when under-regulated, under-policed Wall Street bankers blow up our economy again?

5. The tide of war will rise again.
What will Mitt Romney’s foreign policy look like when he’s done criticizing the President for the most successful foreign policy in decades? A lot like George W. Bush’s. We know this because Romney’s advisors are Bush’s advisors, the guys who think the only problem with the Iraq War was not enough “Shock and Awe.” With bin Laden gone, Mitt is desperately in search of enemies and with the help of apocalyptic friends like Netanyahu, he’ll certainly find them.

What did I miss? Let’s ask the women who know, real Republican women.

Image by Steve Jurvetson from Menlo Park, USA [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons