Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum — April 2, 2012 at 12:31 pm

Obama takes big lead on Romney in latest Gallup poll


Women make ALL the difference

Barack Obama has taken a 4-point lead over Mitt Romney in Gallup’s latest national poll, up from a 47-47 tie in their last poll.

He’s up over Rick Santorum by an even larger 51-43 gap.

The big change came mainly from from women under 50 years old where President Obama enjoys a more than 30-point lead. This confirms recent polling by the Pew Research Center showing the gap between the president and Romney among all women at 58-38.

In other words, the latest Republican attacks on women appear to be taking their toll on the GOP candidates and that is exactly as it should be. If you are a warrior in the War on Women, you should pay those consequences.

Also telling is President Obama’s 51-42 lead in Swing States. In the last poll, he was down 2 points in the last poll. Additionally, the president also leads among independent voters 48-40.

Keep it up, Republicans. I love what you’re doing to your own chances.

[Obama image credit: Anne C. Savage, used with permission]