Fundraiser — April 28, 2012 at 6:28 am

Day 6 – Second quarter fundraiser — Weekend edition!


Keepin’ the lights on, payin’ the bills

Welcome to the final stretches of our 7-day, second quarter fundraiser.

To recap, we don’t really make much money doing this so we hold fundraisers once a quarter to give you, our readers, a chance to help support us as we fight the anti-progressive monsters and LOL at the GOP as much as possible.

A big thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. If you haven’t donated, I have to say the odds of winning the iPod or one of the five Obama photomosaic posters is actually quite good. Remember, any donation at all enters you in the drawing for posters. Donations of $25 or more will be in a drawing to win a Democrat blue iPod Nano.

You can do so here:


Donations must be received by midnight on Monday to be entered in the drawings. If you’d prefer to write a check, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the info. You can send an email to me by clicking the “Contact us” link at the top left of the page.

Thanks for visiting Eclectablog and thanks for your support.