Fundraiser — April 26, 2012 at 7:12 am

Day 4: Second quarter fundraising drive – Rattling the tip cup


My, my, how you’ve grown!

Hello, again. A very big and heartfelt thanks to those of you that have already called in your pledge — wait. Sorry.

That’s NPR.

This is Eclectablog. We don’t have open phone lines.

We have this:

And we also have a LOT of readers. Seriously. Look at this:

That’s our unique visitor traffic over the past year. As you can see, we’ve experienced explosive growth, particularly since the beginning of the year. We’re going to hit a quarter million unique views this month which is over 100,000 more than last month.

All for free (or very nearly so.)

Bringing on my good pal LOLGOP has given the site a huge shot in the arm. His amazing writing combined with his ability to make stuff go viral on the internet plays a big role in our recent surge. So much so, in fact, that the site basically crashed a couple of weeks ago because the internet servers we were on couldn’t handle the traffic.

So we upgraded our service. And that costs more.

We’ve also made huge changes in the site and it is now more streamlined, clean and simple. It loads faster, it looks better and it’s easier to navigate.

Again: all for free.

So, would you be willing to help us defray some of our costs and to compensate us for the amount of effort we put into this? I hope so.

Please consider making a contribution. You can do so using this handy dandy Paypal link:

If you’d rather send a check, drop me an email using the contact button at the top left of the page and I’ll send you the info.

To sweeten the pot a bit, all donations of $25 or more will be entered in a drawing for a free iPod Nano (it’s blue.) We also have five Obama photomosaic posters which appeared as a two-page spread in Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” issue when Barack Obama was the Person of the Year. These posters are signed by the photographer. I’m changing the rules of the drawing slightly so that ANY donation gets a chance at one of the posters. Donations of $25 or more are required for the iPod Nano drawing.

I hope you value what you find at Eclectablog. LOLGOP and I work very hard to ensure that you get cutting edge news as soon as it’s available as well as commentary that makes you think (and sometimes laugh.) Think about what that’s worth to you and please make a donation today.