Bloggety Blah Blah Blah, Fundraiser, Michigan — April 25, 2012 at 8:13 am

Day 3: Second quarter fundraising drive – Why LOLGOP supports Eclectablog


Piss off a Republican. Support bold progressives.

Before I started writing for Eclectablog, I contributed a little cash to the effort. Why? Even though we are in an election season where a variety of local, state and national candidates need our support, I see what Eclectablog as an essential progressive voice for three reasons:

1. Chris Savage has gills that breathe Michigan politics.
He’s chronicled the anti-democratic efforts of the state GOP relentlessly. And he makes sure his readers know what’s happening now and next. In a state dominated by news that skirts the progressive perspective, Chris cuts through the crap and puts our issues on the national agenda. He’s contributed to the Nation and helped Rachel Maddow see why Michigan is Ground Zero when it comes the growing conservative disregard for the rule of law.

2. Chris makes sure you don’t miss the national news that matters.
He reads widely with a keen eye for issues that affect working families. And he reports back to you constantly with a sharpness that entertains, informs and respects your intellect.

3. He gives LOLGOP a chance to communicate in a forum that doesn’t require awkward abbreviations and emoticons.
Conservatives have been getting their news from clowns for decades. So the least we can do is show them what it’s like to deal with a liberal who spits a little fire back, with a wink, of course.

If you can contribute, please do. Any contribution of $25 or more received by Monday, April 30th will be entered in a drawing for a brand new iPod Nano or one of five Barack Obama photomosaic posters (view the poster HERE) signed by the artist, Anne C. Savage.


If you can’t contribute, do us a favor and spread the word. Tweet, Facebook or feed this to your town crier. Your interaction and support makes what we do matter.

Thanks for your help,
LOLGOP & Eclectablog

[CC image by DieselDemon | Flickr]