Barack Obama — April 30, 2012 at 9:19 am

Are you better off now than you were when the GOP crashed the global economy?


How the GOP plans to punish Barack Obama’s success.

If you’re a homophobe, if you’re a health insurer who spends less then 80-85% of your revenue on actual health care, if you’re a member of Al Qaeda, the answer to the question “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” is simple.


If you live in Michigan or any state that relies on auto industry, if you have a child with pre-existing conditions, if you’re on Medicare and paying less for your prescription medication, the answer is also simple.


The fact is we will soon reach that point in the year when any America with a 401k will be able to say confidently, “Hell, yes. I’m better off now than I was four years ago, Dog.”

Even asking the question will be ridiculous.

Are you better off now than when jobs were crumbling away, whole industries were teetering on the edge of existence, we thought we’d be in Iraq forever and Osama bin Laden was resting comfortably in Pakistan?

Who could even suggest that America in fall 2008 was better off than the fall of 2012?

Mitt Romney, of course.

Mitt kicked off his campaign with a speech that asked just that. Mitt and his benefactors  (the brothers Koch, Karl Rove, etc.) believe that with a savvy enough campaign and a billion dollars in largely anonymous campaign funds, they can win in 2012 despite the GOP’s unrepentant legacy of being wrong about everything.

They’re counting on a communicable form of amnesia that’s being abetted by the media and a fully engaged 0.01 percent who know that, if they lose in 2012, it will literally cost them millions in taxes.

That’s why it’s our job to be as outraged on behalf of the middle class as the GOP is on behalf of the richest.

YouTube is the antidote to mass amnesia. In a day, we could let the world know the fundamental bullshit at the heart of Mitt Romney’s case against Barack Obama. That’s the point of this video from the President’s campaign. Check it out. If you like it, share it, post it, tweet it, retweet it. EVEN MT it you have to.

America is better off because we voted for change in 2008. But if we fail in 2012, hope may be lost. And by all hope, I mean hope for the tide of war receding and hope for an economy that benefits all Americans. These hopes are on the ballot in November. Don’t forget the Congress that while sabotaging our recovery attacked Medicare, Medicaid and the promise America makes to its most vulnerable.

The answer to the question “Are you going to vote?” has to be as obvious as the answer to the question “Are you better off now than when the GOP was ruining everything?”

So tell some smart or sane person to register to vote today.