Barack Obama, President Obama — March 13, 2012 at 8:23 pm

Profound examples of how the Affordable Care Act is saving lives


How dare anyone call this evil?

This first video is about Zoe. She was born with half a heart. By the time she was 6 months old, she had already had two open heart surgeries and was half-way to using up her lifetime cap. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, she is alive and will grow old.

Here’s Zoe’s mom, Stacy:

Here’s insurance that you’ve been paying for for the past 20 years but, ‘Oh, don’t get sick. Don’t have a child that was born with a heart defect, because once you reach a certain limit, you know, we’re not gonna insure them anymore.’

I can’t even fathom what’s going through the minds that want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They’re choosing life of death for many Americans…It’s sort of a state of denial. Like, well that couldn’t happen. Why would that happen? Why would they take that away from us?

This second video features a woman named Spike. Spike used to criticize the Affordable Care Act. That was until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband was self-employed and couldn’t afford for them to pay for health insurance and a mortgage.

Here’s Spike:

I was just being haunted by the fact that I could actually die and leave my kids too soon. What’s available to middle class Americans who are uninsured and have a catastrophic illness?

One of my dear friends discovered the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan, the PCIP. Ten days after applying, I had health insurance and I’m in treatment for Stage 3 breast cancer. It’s been the smoothest experience I’ve ever had with any health insurance company.

With PCIP under the Affordable Care Act, anybody with a pre-existing condition qualifies for health care.

I pay premiums just like anyone with health insurance. It’s not a government handout. I criticized the Affordable Care Act and the very thing that I criticized is going to save my life.

Because President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, I get to keep my house, I won’t go bankrupt, my kids are gonna go to college and I’m gonna live.

Are you in? Are you fired up and ready to go?