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Proflowers.com pulls its ads from Rush Limbaugh’s hate show


It’s working

Proflowers.com just posted this on their Facebook page:

At ProFlowers, our mission is to delight our customers with fresh and long lasting flowers, and that is our singular focus each and every day. We do not base our advertising decisions to align with any particular political view or opinion as our employees and customers are as diverse as the USA. Mr. Limbaugh’s recent comments went beyond political discourse to a personal attack and do not reflect our values as a company. As such, ProFlowers has suspended advertising on The Rush Limbaugh radio program.

I would hope that they would take the “susp” out of this statement and make it a firm “ProFlowers has ended advertising on The Rush Limbaugh radio program.”

Still, it’s a solid step in the right direction.

Keep those cards and letters flowing. Here are the remaining national advertisers to focus your attention on:

  • Mid-West Life Insurance Company of Tennessee
  • American Forces Network
  • Mission Pharmacal Company
  • Life Quotes, Inc.
  • Life Lock
  • Tax Resolution Tax Resolution has pulled its ads
  • AOL AOL has suspended advertising with Rush Limbaugh

There is also a Whitehouse.gov petition to have Leon Panetta pull their Armed Forces radio ads from Limbaugh’s hate show.

Sec. Panetta, Get Rush Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio NOW! No tax money for abusive, divisive, insulting language.

It is not bad enough that he provides partisan blather, that he demeans our President.

He has regularly demeaned women.

His remarks this week were well beyond the pale of what should be broadcast to our military and their families, supported with our tax dollars.

We have a moral objection to our tax dollars being used for such a purpose.

You should move immediately to cancel any further broadcast through government facilities of his venom.

There is no excuse for the US Government, in any capacity, giving this man an audience.

It is an insult to the honorable men and women who serve this nation.

In case you’re interested, JohnKWilson at Daily Kos summarized the 52 smears against Sandra Fluke HERE.

I also commend your attention to this magnificent piece by Jessica Scott: “I Am Not A Slut”. [H/T Aquagranny]