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Occupy Detroit and others to rally at home of foreclosure victim Alma Counts – UPDATED


Occupy Our Homes

Occupy Detroit, Moratorium Now!, UAW, People Before Banks, Metro AFL-CIO,
and Jobs With Justice are having press conference tomorrow at the home of Alma Counts, a paralyzed senior citizen on fixed income facing foreclosure by Chase bank. They will also be having a rally at the downtown Detroit branch of Chase bank later in the month.

From the Occupy Detroit event page:

March 8: Press Conference & Rally, Thursday, 4pm
Location: Home of Alma Counts, 19145 Marlowe St., Detroit, north of 7 Mile, west of M-10

Alma is a paralyzed senior citizen on fixed income facing foreclosure by Chase. Even after the bank pedged to modify mortgages and stop foreclosure fraud, it nullified Counts’ previous modification and doubled her payments. Hear from UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada, community leaders, and counsel representing Counts and seven other families from Sterling Heights, Southfield, Northville, Detroit and Bloomfield who face foreclosure by Chase.

Tuesday March 13, Noon
Rally at Chase Bank’s downtown Detroit office

As part of a national demonstration against Chase, we will gather at 11:45 a.m. at the Spirit of Detroit statue, Woodward at Jefferson, (see map) and march two blocks to the Chase Tower, 611 Woodward at Congress. A delegation will hold Chase accountable to the agreement that it signed with federal regulators promising “special forbearances and mortgage modifications” to keep people in their homes.

If you can’t make it to the actions, here is what you can do

Tell JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to stop foreclosures and agree to modifications that keep Alma Counts and thousands like her in their homes. Phone: 212-270-6000. Fax: 212-270-1648. Email: [email protected] Join our Thursday planning sessions, 6pm, 1515 Broadway, downtown Detroit near Grand Circus Park.

Endorsed by: Occupy Detroit, Moratorium Now!, UAW, People Before Banks, Metro AFL-CIO, Jobs With Justice. For more information call 313-429-5009 and ask for AJ Freer.

The event’s Facebook page is HERE.

A flyer for these events can be downloaded HERE (pdf).

UPDATE: To answer a question in the comments about whether or not this is fraud, here’s a bit of the back story to Alma Count’s situation: This 82-year old woman is partially paralyzed and lives on a fixed income. After facing foreclosure on her home in 2008 stemming from a predatory loan by Washington Mutual Bank (WAMU), she entered into a loan modification agreement with WAMU in March 2009. She made her modified payments regularly until JP Morgan Chase took over her account, nullified her previous modification and doubled the monthly mortgage cost – well beyond what she could afford. Chase Bank is now threatening her with foreclosure, even though they have signed consent agreements pledging to modify mortgages and stop foreclosure fraud.

[Image credit: Occupy Detroit]