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How to be the Perfect Republican Wife (by Callista Gingrich) – UPDATED w/VIDEO


Yes, honey. Whatever you say.

Callista Gingrich tells us all how to be The Perfect Republican Wife:

When asked by a reporter what he was giving up for Lent, the hefty Newt admitted sheepishly that he was giving up sweets. Perfunctorily, the reporter asked the same of Callista. Her response had just a tinge of bitterness to it: “My opinion”.

Yikes. Anyone want to guess what precipitated that response?

I’m assuming she also has to pay for her own birth control, too. Couldn’t have people paying for her to have sex or anything.

Here’s the video:

Notice that Newt says, “That doesn’t count.” Must be because he doesn’t value her opinion. It’s simply not something that he sees as a sacrifice for his wife to give up.


[Creative Commons photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr]