Emergency Managers — March 14, 2012 at 8:47 am

Another metro Detroit-area city headed toward a Financial Manager: Allen Park


Dunt, dunt, dunt. Another one bites the dust.

In the never-ended steamroller crushing municipal debt, another Detroit-area city, Allen Park, appears to now be headed down the road toward the imposition of an Emergency Manager. This one may be voluntary.

The Allen Park City Council Tuesday voted unanimously to start the process that could put the city on track for an emergency financial manager.

Council members voted to draft a letter seeking the state to form a financial review team to determine if Allen Park faces a financial crisis. That could put the city in line for the appointment of an emergency financial manager.

Allen Park is suffering financially. The city is facing a growing deficit. The city saw a proposed movie studio project collapse after bonds were approved for the project.

Allen Park voters will be asked to approve a millage increase in May, but the city may need more assistance. […]

The Allen Park city council will meet again next Tuesday evening to again discuss the plan for exploring a request for help from the state.

The move appears to be a bit of a threat to help push through the millage increase in May.

Unlike most of the other cities in their situation, Allen Park population of just over 28.000 is majority (92.9%) white.