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“The Saga of Larry Tunner” – Can you spare 99¢ to help get an important film made?


Buddy, can you spare 99¢?

Followers of this website know that I have been plugging the Occupy-themed movie called The Saga of Larry Tunner. I have read the script and have become good friends with the filmakers Andrew Tomlinson and Jeff Morgan of Prometheus Motion Pictures. I can say without reservation that, should they release this movie next fall before the election, it could have a profound effect in shaping the conversation about our presidential election.

Unfortunately, like many indie films, they are struggling with fundraising. They have only 10 days left to raise about $30,000. That’s where YOU come in. Andrew and Jeff are doing a big push to get the money raised, asking people across the country to donate 99¢. If everyone that reads this donates 99¢, the movie can become a reality. You can donate HERE.

Here’s a brief synopsis of this movie about a fake presidential candidate named Larry Tunner.

The Saga of Larry Tunner follows the classic hero tale, with a few exceptions. Instead of discovering a flaming sword our warrior discovers a huge check, and rather than questing against a great dragon that has plundered the countryside, our champion and his merry band struggle against an unchecked corporate power that has corrupted our daily existence.

Homeless drunkard has-been Larry Tunner has had a rough couple of years since the plant closed, but his luck is about to change! Along with some of his trusty friends, including an unemployed professor, a liquor store clerk, and a bag lady, Larry is about to turn the American political establishment upside down.

After hitting the jackpot and realizing that he really can do anything, Larry decides to run for President, giving voice to the real concerns of America’s ninety-nine percent. Unpolished, charismatic, and full of heart, Larry is on a mission to save America, or die trying.

Here is the video from their fundraising page with Andrew and Jeff explaining what they are hoping to do and why they need your help:

You can see some of their YouTube clips promoting the movie and get more information HERE.

So, what do you say? Can you help contribute to this worthy cause? Would you also be willing to share this post to get the word out to others?

Thanks for anything you can do to help. This is a movie that needs to be made.