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“The Saga of Larry Tunner” – An #Occupy movie that needs YOUR help


“If corporations are people then they are the vampires of our age” – Larry Tunner

Andrew Tomlinson is a movie-maker out of Ypsilanti. Together with with Jeff Morgan, he is preparing to make an Occupy-themed movie called The Saga of Larry Tunner that could very well help to shape the conversation leading up to our election in November 2012.

Here’s the rub: they need funding. This indy film in many ways embodies the vibe of “Occupy”. It’s being made entirely on a shoestring with lots of people volunteering their time to make it happen. But even shoestrings cost money. They need funds for props and for promotion and for food, gas, and supplies and so much more. The only need to raise $36,000. And that’s where YOU come in. The have less than ten weeks to do it. That aggressive time frame ensures the movie will be released in time for the election.

Here’s a brief synopsis of this movie (NOTE: It’s just movie. Larry Tunner isn’t actually a candidate!)

The Saga of Larry Tunner follows the classic hero tale, with a few exceptions. Instead of discovering a flaming sword our warrior discovers a huge check, and rather than questing against a great dragon that has plundered the countryside, our champion and his merry band struggle against an unchecked corporate power that has corrupted our daily existence.

Homeless drunkard has-been Larry Tunner has had a rough couple of years since the plant closed, but his luck is about to change! Along with some of his trusty friends, including an unemployed professor, a liquor store clerk, and a bag lady, Larry is about to turn the American political establishment upside down.

After hitting the jackpot and realizing that he really can do anything, Larry decides to run for President, giving voice to the real concerns of America’s ninety-nine percent. Unpolished, charismatic, and full of heart, Larry is on a mission to save America, or die trying.

Here is the video from their fundraising page with Andrew and Jeff explaining what they are hoping to do and why they need your help:

I have had a look at the script and it’s dynamite. Not only that, I spent time with Andrew and Jeff and had the privilege of watching a scene being filmed during this past weekend’s “Occupalooza” event in Traverse City. The actor the portrays Larry Tunner, Gary Brunner, is outstanding – a complete natural for the part.

But, as I have said, they need your help. Whether it’s a few wealthy benefactors or a whole lot of small contributions, they need to raise a fairly small amount over the next couple of weeks. Won’t you contribute a little bit of something (or, heck, why not a LOT of bit of something?!) to this very worthy effort?

They will be releasing promotional videos over the next few weeks, most shot in Detroit. Here are the first two.