LOLGOP, Mitt Romney — February 29, 2012 at 8:02 pm

Mitt Romney Sets a New Flip Flop Record


We used to call it lying

This afternoon, I was alarmed to learn that Mitt Romney had taken a sensible position. He said that he opposed the so-called Blunt Amendment the US Senate Amendment. This amendment allows any employer to deny birth control to his employees based on religious beliefs.

If Republicans spoke to their wives (or smart women like Elizabeth Warren), they would know that opposing this amendment makes sense. It’s the kind of issue you don’t want to make an issue. It’s a position Mitt Romney will have to take eventually.

And he took it. For 15 minutes.

Cut to Mitt Romney on AM radio reassuring the Republican base that he supports the Blunt Amendment. “Of course I support the Blunt Amendment,” he said.

Of course, he wants to tear down the separation of uterus and state. Of course, we should allow people to pick and choose if a women gets complete health care based on a religion that may or may not be practiced by an employer.

Here’s the sad fact. Mitt Romney is exactly who both sides fear he is. He’s the waffling, liberal-minded compromiser. And he’s the narrow-minded corporate apologist who will do whatever he is told will serve his own best interests.

He’s the worst of both worlds. Mitt Romney won’t set his hair on fire to get votes. But his pants are undergoing a constant slow burn.

Too bad for Mitt that this incident reminds Republicans in Ohio how he pulled almost the exact thing when they needed his support for the union-busting Question 2.

CC image by MittRomneys