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A little Valentine’s Day fun from We Are the People Michigan: “No more sweetheart deals”


It’s true love

A fun video from our friends at We are the People Michigan:

They have a petition circulating:

Dear Legislator,

Almost one year ago, the state Legislature approved a $1.8 billion tax cut for big corporations that was paid for by slashing funding for public education.

The new business tax has failed to create more and better jobs for Michigan workers since it took effect in January, and yet, this year’s new budget proposal includes additional cuts to K-12 schools.

We can’t afford more handouts and sweetheart deals for corporate CEOs at the expense of our students and local schools.

To get our economy moving again, we must invest in public education to give our children a better future.

I strongly urge you to fully restore last year’s cuts to K-12 schools.

You can sign the petition HERE.