Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum — February 16, 2012 at 8:16 am

Daily Kos’ “Operation Hilarity” – getting Dems to vote for Santorum – is a HUGE mistake


Who spiked the water cooler?

The Daily Kos crew, a group of people I normally admire and adore, has completely gone off the rails with a project they are calling “Operation Hilarity”. First announced by kos himself and further expanded upon by Chris Bowers, it is essentially an effort to encourage Democrats to vote in the open Republican primaries in a variety of states, including Michigan, for Rick Santorum.

Yes, you read that right. FOR Rick Santorum. They have this idea that somehow, if they can get Santorum to surge, it will extend the GOP primary and help the Democrats. They are even raising money and doing ad buys on Facebook, etc.

It’s a batshit insane idea. It subverts the intent of our primary system, it’s a complete waste of money in Michigan where Santorum already leads and, perhaps most importantly, it gives the Republicans something to point to and coalesce around. That’s the last thing we need at this point. Frankly, the idea of giving any support to such a homophobic, anti-woman candidate is just repulsive. I don’t understand how any Democrat could pull the lever/punch the chad for such an odious candidate. The karmic backlash/whiplash would be an ass-kicker.

Here is my post explaining my position on this at Daily Kos. It spent the night at the top of the Recommended List, accompanied by at least six other posts decrying this lame-brained idea. We even managed to keep Keith Olbermann from reaching the top spot, a not insignificant task!

So now we’re subverting democracy? Count me out of Operation Hilarity.

I remember when Rush Limbaugh launched “Operation Chaos” to throw the 2008 Democratic primary into turmoil. The hue and cry from the left was loud and vigorous. As well it should have been. It was a bald-faced attempt to subvert democracy in America.And now Daily Kos is throwing it’s heavy weight into a similar effort? Really? SERIOUSLY?

For shame.

I am astonished at this. It’s beyond the pale. We’re not only better than this, we KNOW better than this. This will accomplish nothing. The GOP is doing a fine job of imploding on their own. A misguided attempt by the most powerful progressive website in the world doesn’t change that equation at all.

By launching this, you remove yourself from any future debate about whether it’s okay or not to interfere with another political party’s elections. And THAT is a huge mistake.

And, Michigan? Really? Are you guys aware that Romney is tanking against Santorum in Michigan already? Two polls have him well behind. Why spend precious electoral financial resources on something that’s already happening?

I keep waiting for the “just kidding” front page post. Somebody had to have spiked the Daily Kos office water cooler.

I refudiate this.

Delete this fucking plan, Kos!!!