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Recall effort for Senator Phil Pavlov underway


The effort to recall Senate Education Chair Phil Pavlov got underway on January 7th. The group working toward his recall now has a webpage, RecallPavlov.org, and is actively seeking petitioners, petition signatures and financial support.

Senator Pavlov voted to support the odious “anti”-bullying bill that was not anti-bullying. He has supported legislation that reduces tax credits used by many Michiganders as well as the bill that became Public Act 4 – the Emergency Manager law. But, most egregiously, as Senate Education Chair, he has shown himself to be anti-teacher. He has even proposed privatizing the teachers of Michigan, saying “I look at it as offering options. If there is something out there that can offer school officials the same options at a lower cost, schools need to take a look at that. It needs to part of the conversation on reform.”

Pavlov has also been quoted as saying “class size does matter”.

On Thursday, September 22, 2011 Michigan Communities for Local Control met with Senate Education Committee Chairman, Senator Pavlov, and his staff to discuss the schools of choice mandate.

One of MCLC’s concerns is that if schools are required to fill their classrooms to capacity, we will see an increase in class sizes. The response we received was, to quote: “Class size does not matter.”

“Class size does not matter.” – From the Office of Senate Education Committee Chairman, Senator Pavlov.

As reported by Bruce Fealk, Communications Director for Michigan Rising who is supporting this recall, Pavlov Recall organizers will be using mobile technology to help raise funds needed for their effort.

Here’s a report from Phil Terrie, one of the organizers from Port Huron:

We had the St. Clair County kickoff last Saturday; a similar event began the process in Lapeer County. Hundreds of people attended, signed petitions, and took petitions home for circulation in neighborhoods and at work. We met many, many people from all walks of life, including Republicans, who are fed up with Pavlov and his efforts to privatize public education and destroy collective-bargaining rights (among other things). We have a rehabbed school bus, duly decorated with “Recall Pavlov” signs and posters, that we’ll be taking all around the county, gathering signatures and educating the public about what Pavlov and his masters have in mind for Michigan.

We have 90 days (beginning 7 January, the day of the kickoff) to collect over 20,000 signatures.

Check out their website for more on how you can get involved and, if you’re in Pavlov’s district, please help out however you can. They need just under 20,500 valid signatures and their goal is 30,000. You can find information on stationary petition sites at their website.

Pavlov photo courtesy of Senate website. Recall volunteer photo courtesy of Committee to Recall Phil Pavlov.