Ann Arbor, Emergency Manager Law, Emergency Managers, Rick Snyder — January 17, 2012 at 7:16 am

The Rachel Maddow Show coverage protest march on Gov. Rick Snyder’s home


Great coverage by The Rachel Maddow Show last night of the march and rally in front of the gated community where Michigan Governor Rick Snyder lives. Rev. David Bullock was spot-on perfect with his message and it’s one that will resonate with a wide variety of people.

My favorite part of Rev. Bullock’s comments came at the end.

There is no connection between dismantling democracy and fixing a deficit. Democracy allows for accountability and transparency. If you take democracy off the table, you have tyranny. There is no accountability. We must also add that emergency management does not work. The Detroit Public Schools is under emergency management: still has a deficit. Benton Harbor is under emergency management: bills paid late. The city of Highland Park was under a weaker form of emergency management for nine years: still has a deficit. You cannot manage a blood loss. If I were in a car accident and I was losing blood, you wouldn’t manage how much blood I was losing. You would stop the bleeding and you would send a blood transfusion. We need targeted reinvestment in Michigan.

And, yeah, Rachel called me “the indispensable Michigan politics source”. Heh.

My liveblog photos and video can be seen HERE and some very high-quality photos from the event by Anne C. Savage HERE.