Mitt Romney — January 2, 2012 at 5:38 pm

Mitt Romney the latest media darling? Detroit Free Press pre-spins the Iowa primary results


This is a pretty astounding headline:

A finish in the top 3 would translate into an Iowa win for Romney

That’s the Detroit Free Press headline of a reposting of a Des Moines Register piece originally titled “More than winning, front-runners must meet expectations, experts say”.

There was a time when the Freep was “the liberal newspaper” in Michigan and the Detroit News was considered “the conservative newspaper”. That is no longer true. The two papers are nearly indistinguishable these days and it’s clear from headlines like this the the Freep’s editors are doing what they can to help out Romney’s chances in Michigan.

Now more than ever we need an independent press. Now more than ever we do not have that.