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Michigan Republicans succeed in creating major Democratic primary battle in MI-14


What’s say you and him and her fight?

When Michigan Republicans redistricted our state this past year, they intentionally created a major battle ground in Michigan’s 14th Congressional District which makes up much of the metropolitan Detroit area.

As was already announced, Hansen Clark who currently represents the 13th District and Gary Peters, Representative from MI-09 will be contending for the Democratic nomination in the newly-drawn 14th.

Now enter Southfield mayor Brenda Lawrence, running mate of Lansing mayor Virg Bernero his his failed 2010 gubernatorial bid.

Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence will run in the new 14th Congressional District, jumping into a race that already has two incumbent Democratic congressmen.

Lawrence told The Detroit News she made the decision because she believes Michigan needs a progressive woman’s voice in the U.S. House.
“I have decided to run,” she said Friday, adding she’ll make a formal announcement of her candidacy Feb. 1.

Lawrence, who was elected in 2001 as the first African-American and female mayor of Southfield, will face off in the August Democratic primary against U.S. Reps. Gary Peters of Bloomfield Township and Hansen Clarke of Detroit.

“I’m the only one who lives in the district,” she said. “Women traditionally are counted out when they are in competition with men. I’m extremely passionate about this. … I know I’ll have to work twice as hard, and I’ll do that.”

Lawrence is certainly a compelling candidate. However, both Hansen and Peters have proven to be good legislators, as well, both representing their constituents and Michigan residents commendably.

It’s an unfortunate turn of events for Michigan Democrats, to be sure. Having three solid candidates running for one position is, however, exactly what the Republicans had in mind.

Mission accomplished.