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Day 6 – First quarter fundraising drive


It’s sorta like NPR, only different

Hi, folks. I’m winding down my first fundraising drive here at Eclectablog. The response has been excellent and very gratifying.

The new media landscape these days makes it very difficult to earn a living doing what I do. Journalists are not being hired and most online content is free. There are really no existing models for monetizing a blog unless you are a HUGE blog and can generate significant ad revenue. I’m working on that but, well, it takes time.

So, if you value what you read here, if you think what I’m doing is worthy of your support, please consider dropping a small (or large!) donation in the Eclectablog Tip Jar™. Even small donations are appreciated.

Think about it: where else would you get the comprehensive coverage of President Obama’s visit to Ann Arbor like you got here yesterday? Photos, video, quotes, photos, links to relevant news stories, a full transcript, more photos. It takes an enormous amount of effort to put this all together.

What is that worth to you? You can let me know here:

I’m also looking for advertisers for February and beyond. Ads start at $65. If you are thinking of making a donation in that range or can pool your donation with others, YOU can be an advertiser on Eclectablog. It’s a new model I’m trying out and I think it can work.

In addition, if you are involved with a progressive organization that is looking for a way to put your message in front of progressive readers, particularly those in the Midwest, advertising on Eclectablog is a very affordable way to be seen and a great way to spend some of your media/marketing dollars.

Contact me at the contact link below my logo for details.

One more thing: if you can’t afford to make a donation, please consider sharing the good word about Eclectablog. Tell your friends about it. Follow me on Twitter and suggest it to your friends. Like my Eclectablog Facebook page and share it with your friends. The more traffic I get, the more successful we will be in spreading the word.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far and for your continued support of this website.

– Chris