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Day 5 – First quarter fundraising drive


Why should you donate? Let me count the ways reasons.

It’s a big day today. My wife and I are up early, getting ready to head over to cover President Obama’s speech in Ann Arbor.

We’ll be trying out some new technology today that will allow us to have Anne’s high-quality photos online within minutes of her capturing the image. I’m not talking about quick uploads of iPhone photos. I’m talking about the high-quality photos my readers have come to expect. If everything goes well on the inaugural run today, you’ll be seeing photos of President Obama online before any other news outlet. Period.

And that is today’s Reason To Drop a Few Bucks in Eclectablog’s Tip Jar™:

I’m also looking for advertisers for February and beyond. Ads start at $65. If you are thinking of making a donation in that range or can pool your donation with others, YOU can be an advertiser on Eclectablog. It’s a new model I’m trying out and I think it can work.

Also, if you are involved with a progressive organization that is looking for a way to put your message in front of progressive readers, particularly those in the Midwest, advertising on Eclectablog is a very affordable way to be seen.

Contact me at the contact link below my logo for details.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far and for your continued support of this website.

– Chris