Republican-Fail — January 13, 2012 at 7:30 pm

Billboard supporting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s job creation in front of shuttered plant


This is from the terrific blog Defend Wisconsin

A photo of a billboard in Janesville, Wisconsin, featuring a smiling Scott Walker, was captured on camera and posted as a pic on Facebook. Besides a smiling Scott Walker, the billboard states in Walker-campaign font: Scott Walker Creating Jobs for Wisconsin. Below, the billboard asks the readers to call Governor Walker and thank him. The advertisement is paid for by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce association, long known in Wisconsin as a powerful arm of the Republican party.

Turns out that the pro-Walker billboard sits in front of a Janesville, Wisconsin GM plant that was closed in 2008. In its wake, it left joblessness, home foreclosures and sorrow.

Scott Walker supporters are too stupid to be allowed to eat with forks.