Emergency Managers, Highland Park — January 13, 2012 at 1:52 pm

Another one bites the dust: Highland Park schools to get an Emergency Manager


Not unexpected, just another drop in a torrent: Governor Rick Snyder has declared a financial emergency in Highland Park, and will appoint an Emergency Manager.

Gov. Rick Snyder today said he would appoint an emergency manager to oversee the financially troubled Highland Park School District – just hours before state officials announced they are reluctantly giving the district a $188,000 cash advance so the district could cover payroll Friday.

The latter, State Superintendent Mike Flanagan and State Treasury Andy Dillon said, is being done in order to avoid the district’s financial crisis affecting children.

“Most troubling to me is that this is a temporary fix,” Dillon said of the cash advance, which he said will carry the district through Feb. 20.

Highland Park officials have already asked for another $3 million to get the district through the end of the school year. Dillon said the state can only legally give the district another $2 million.

No doubt this will result in nearly all the schools services being outsourced and the unionized employees paying the price for the disaster they did not create. This story is beginning to get old.

Look out Highland Park teachers, they’re coming right for you!

Adding…don’t forget: the city of Highland Park itself already had an Emergency Financial Manager at one point who supposedly fixed their problems. Except that he didn’t.