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THIS is why Fox viewers are dumber after watching Fox


There is a very good reason that people that watch Fox News are more stupid than their non-Fox watching counterparts: Fox actually lies to them.

Check this out. When the unemployment rate numbers came out last week showing that we had dropped below 9% for the first time in forever, here’s the chart that Fox used:

Check that out. The final dot on the graph at 8.6% is equal to 9%. Hell it’s even above 8.8% from last March!

Here’s how the graph should have looked (courtesy of Jed Lewison at Daily Kos):

More from Media Matters HERE.

Need another example? Okay, here’s another, also from Media Matters. God only knows how the poor saps that are forced to watch Fox at Media Matters keep their sanity. Maybe they do it in tiny bite-sized shifts or something…

Anyway, there’s no secret that Fox doesn’t like Mitt Romney. Here’s some proof from their show America Live:

Check out whose picture got swapped in for Mitt Romney. They really know how to hurt a (Republican) guy, don’t they?

Fox News: intentional mis-education of Americans in a Fair and Balanced way.