GOPocrisy — December 21, 2011 at 5:17 pm

Republicans in Washington beginning to turn on their own


You know how piranhas and sharks, when they are in the middle of a feeding frenzy, will start to eat each other??? That’s pretty much what’s happening in Washington, D.C. right now.

From Dana Bash at CNNPolitics:

“The House Republicans have painted themselves into a corner. They are on their own,” a Senate GOP leadership aide told CNN.

“This is a lose – lose situation for us. They’ve let the Democrats get the messaging advantage and more specifically we’ve turned one of our key issues on its head. The Republicans look like they are the ones blocking tax relief,” said the Senate GOP leadership aide, who also called it “inexcusable.”

The House Republicans pulled defeat from the jaws of victory,” said the senior GOP Senate aide.

No, dude, they don’t “look like they are the ones blocking tax relief”, they ARE the ones blocking tax relief. Period.

Also, too, from the Wall Street Journal:

The GOP leaders have somehow managed the remarkable feat of being blamed for opposing a one-year extension of a tax holiday that they are surely going to pass. This is no easy double play.

Republicans have also achieved the small miracle of letting Mr. Obama position himself as an election-year tax cutter, although he’s spent most of his Presidency promoting tax increases and he would hit the economy with one of the largest tax increases ever in 2013. This should be impossible.

The real question is how did John Boehner get to the position of power he’s in when he so pathetically bad at doing this job? And, honestly, does anyone — ANYONE?! — believe that smug piece of excrement Eric Cantor when he says the only reason the House wouldn’t vote for it was that it was only a two month extension and they wanted a whole year (which they have been balking at for the past few months)?

Here’s how effed up these jerks are: this morning, the Democrats tried another time to get a vote on this bill. The Speaker Pro Tem wouldn’t even respond to Steny Hoyer and left the podium. And then he pulled the plug on C-SPAN.

The incident occurred mere moments after the House went into session. Hoyer made a motion for a vote on the Senate’s payroll tax cut extension, which would extend the lower rates for another two months, but the Republican presiding over the House did not acknowledge the motion. He instead adjourned the House, then got up and walked out.

“As you walk off the floor, Mr. Speaker, you’re walking away, just as so many Republicans have walked away from taxpayers, the unemployed, and very frankly, as well, from those who will be seeking medical assistance from their doctors, 48 million senior citizens,” Hoyer can be heard saying.

“We regret, Mr. Speaker, that you have walked off the platform without addressing the issue of critical importance to this country, and that is the continuation of the middle class tax cut, the continuation of unemployment benefits for those at risk of losing them, and a continuation of the access to doctors for all those 48 million seniors who rely on them daily for help.”

And that’s when the audio cut out. Seconds later, footage faded to a shot of the capitol from outside.

Moments later, someone at C-SPAN took to Twitter and explained: “C-SPAN has no control over the U.S. House TV cameras – the Speaker of the House does.”

UPDATE: Here’s the video:

They deserve all the scorn, ridicule, and derision from the American people and the media that they are getting and I, for one, am enjoying them be exposed for the evil bastards they are. I realize this is going to hurt some Americans but it’s time the Democrats let shit get real for a while so that the GOPocrisy and intentional inflicting of harm only to gain political advantage is dragged out into broad daylight.

I would love to see Eric Cantor whither in the sanitizing light of Truth like Dracula in a 1950s vampire movie.