Recall Rick Snyder, Rick Snyder — December 6, 2011 at 9:56 am

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s poll numbers sinking like a rock


Today we get some unsurprising news: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s poll numbers are crashing.

Less than 20 percent of Michigan residents believe Gov. Rick Snyder is doing an excellent or good job running the state, a survey to be released Monday afternoon shows.

The Fall 2011 State of the State survey conducted by the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University found that only 19.3 percent of Michigan residents surveyed rated the governor’s performance as excellent or good, continuing a decline in popularity from 44.5 percent just after his election to 31.5 percent in the Spring, 2011 survey.

Here’s how his numbers look now:

Chart from MSU Institute for Public Policy and Social Research

Here’s the trend. It’s not pretty.

Chart by Eclectablog

He’s gone from a high of 44.5% good or excellent ratings in the spring to less than one-fifth of poll respondents giving him this rating now. Worse yet, almost 40% give him a “poor” rating. More on this can be found at

This is bodes well for a second try at recalling him. As I wrote about last month, the group that organized the first recall attempt ( has reorganized as “Michigan Rising”. I have spoken with a representative from Michigan Rising and they intend to begin a second recall attempt in March 2012. They are continuing to work with Chris Bowers from Daily Kos and FieldWorks which is fabulous news. (My interview with Chris Bowers about the involvement of Daily Kos and FieldWorks is HERE.)

If you are interested in getting involved with Michigan Rising, I encourage you to visit their website and sign up now to help get organized for a full out recall effort this spring.