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Detroit’s dog rescue heroes get a welcome gift: $1.5 million for a no-kill shelter


If you followed my writing about Ace the pit bull from Detroit, you know that there are as many as 50,000 stray dogs in Detroit, most of them pit bulls. Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) puts the number at 50,000-100,000. The Detroit Animal Control Center simply cannot handle even a portion of this number of animals. Dogs that are brought there are held for four days to give the owner a chance to show sufficient proof that the dog is theirs and take it home.

Most dogs go unclaimed and are euthanized, over 90% according to DDR.

This week, dog rescuers in southeastern Michigan got some nearly miraculous news. A benefactor in California has given Detroit Dog Rescue $1.5 million to build a no-kill animal shelter in Detroit.

An anonymous California donor has given a fledgling animal rescue organization in Detroit a $1.5-million gift toward building the city’s first no-kill shelter, the group said Thursday.

Detroit Dog Rescue, founded nine months ago by TV producer Monica Martino and hip-hop artist Daniel (Hush) Carlisle, received the gift in the form of stock options last week from the woman, who was moved by a news report showcasing their work in finding and rehabilitating some of Detroit’s thousands of stray dogs.

DDR spokesman David Rudolph said the donor tracked the organization’s work after seeing it on TV in May, and decided to make the donation after watching the group deal with Ace — an emaciated pit bull found outside a north side hardware store in early November.

The Detroit News reports that the donor “is suffering from a life-threatening illness and wishes to remain anonymous.”

According to their Facebook page, DDR is hoping to have the shelter open by the end of 2012.

Here’s a bit of coverage by NBC:

Great news for a great organization and a chance at life for thousands and thousands of stray dogs in Detroit. You can learn more about DDR and their work and make a tax-deductable donation at their webpage.

Image courtesy of Detroit Dog Rescue.