Michigan Democratic Party — November 29, 2011 at 11:38 am

Recall of Wisc Gov Scott Walker gathers 300,000+ signatures in 12 days


It’s amazing what can happen when a state-level Democratic Party joins up with grassroots activists to recall overstepping Republicans. United Wisconsin and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin announced yesterday that they have gathered over 300,000 signatures to recall Scott Walker in just 12 days. They need a total of 540,206 valid signatures by January and their goal is 750,000.

Meanwhile, back in Michigan, what is the Michigan Democratic Party doing? Promoting a new website and 30-minute ad to go after Mitt Romney.

Does anybody but me find it astonishing that this is how the MDP is spending its time at the moment? For the past year, they didn’t get involved in any of the recalls around our state or in the effort to overturn the Emergency Manager Law. They couldn’t even be arsed to put out a press release supporting these worthy grassroots efforts.

But good on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. At least one state Democratic party gets it. If they are successful in recalling Walker, it will send shockwaves around the country and energize Democrats across the board.