Detroit — November 11, 2011 at 2:02 pm

Photos from memorial of Ace the pit bull from Detroit


Here are still photos taken by my wife Anne C. Savage during last night’s memorial for Ace the pit bull from Detroit. Ace was reported to have been euthanized yesterday despite a court order NOT to. Click any photo to see more and larger versions at Anne’s blog. I encourage you to read her commentary on this situation. Here’s a snippet:

I know the stray animal problem that exists in Detroit and in most cities is not an easy problem to fix and it may never be completely corrected. However, what I do know is that this problem involves living, breathing things that suffer like all of us. I do believe that there is room in a system of rules and regulations for compassion. There has to be.

If Ace’s story touched you at all, you need to act on that. Get involved with groups and organizations that are set up to help strays like Ace. Go to the Detroit Dog Rescue page on Facebook or their website to learn more about how you might be able to help or to donate to the cause. Here is a link to the Save Ace Facebook page to learn more about his story. At the very least, when you decide to get a pet, adopt. Go to your local animal shelter and see how many wonderful animals there are to adopt. Better yet, do some research and find a local rescue group with animals ready for adoption. Adopting an unwanted animal is a very fulfilling experience.